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Section 1. Goals/Objectives

By having one calendar for all groups and organizations, the calendar intends to:

  1. Maximize information, usability and reach to the community.
  2. Maximize scheduling and planning for organizations and groups.
  3. Minimize promotional costs (printing etc.)

The events that are listed on the calendar should promote healthy lifestyles and is inclusive (See Section 2. below for exceptions)

Section 2. Event Listing

a. Events that can be listed on the site:

Event / Example

  1. School Events and Related information
    Ex: Ped Days, report cards, meet the teacher night etc.
  2. Fairs
    Ex: Career, Book, Craft etc.
  3. Awareness Walks and Events
    Ex: Relay For Life, Mother’s Day, Sadie, vigils etc.
  4. Weekend Events
    Ex: Breast Cancer Weekend, Pow Wow etc.
  5. Deadline to Submit
    Ex: Projects, scholarships, job listing etc.
  6. Multifamily Yard Sales
  7. Closures
    Ex: Road, Bridge, Office etc.
  8. Organization and Community Group
    Ex: Community Meetings, Social Clubs, Events etc.
  9. Fundraisers

b. Outside community Events that can be listed on the site:
Event / Example

  1. Yard Sale Events
    Ex: Warrensburg, Hemingford, Chateauguay
  2. Away Games
    Ex: All sports teams

c. Events that cannot be listed on the site:

  1. Protests that exclude portions of the community
  2. Business Sales or Events
  3. Events promoting the use of drugs, alcohol and gambling
  4. Individual Yard Sales

d. Exceptions that can be listed on the site:

  1. Businesses may list events as long as a portion of proceeds are donated to a community organization/non-profit
  2. Fundraisers that include gambling as long as they advertise healthy use (in moderation, act responsibly).

Section 3. Event Listing Guidelines

a. An event can be posted at any time, regardless of how far in advance it may take place.

  • An organizer may either attach their promotional poster and/or list their details on the site directly.
  • On either the poster or directly on the site, an organizer will need to include who the event belongs to, the organization (if attached to one), and location of event.
  • Organizations will have login access to the site.
  • Groups that would like to post to the site will need to submit their poster to one of the communication departments.
  • An organizer may post an update for a listed event that states “30 days until event”.
  • An organizer may attach press releases to a listed event.
  1. Contests, scholarships, job opportunities, requests for proposals and bids, fundraisers.

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